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Horst Wackerbarth - Born in 1950 in Fritzlar, Horst Wackerbarth studied art-photography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kassel, Germany. He works as a photo- and video-artist and lives in Duesseldorf, Germany. His work is somewhere at home between art and the media. The “Red Couch” projects have become a central part of his life’s work: conceptual photography in exhibition and book projects, in co-operation with painters and film makers, as well as in the television series (ZDF, 3Sat, Arte). Since 1997 Horst Wackerbarth has been chairman of the Universal Couch Foundation, a foundation which supports global dialogue through art and media projects – print, TV and Internet.

Reviews (selection)

Horst Wackerbarth’s pictures transpose us from reality into surreality in a sprightly, witty and playful manner.
Kulturspiegel, ARD (1st German Television)

Horst Wackerbarth’s pictures have about them an air of magical silence which is a pleasant change in this age of all too loud photography.
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

His ideas are in all cases ‘on target’, and his images make up a revealing, multifaceted portrait of the United States.
Roger Greene, New Orleans Times

Horst Wackerbarth has photographed hundreds, if not thousands of people and the majority of these have been created with careful consideration and accuracy, and with empathy for the strengths and weaknesses of his counterpart.

The moment you allow yourself to be the subject of a portrait, there occur problems of similarity and identicalness, identity and authenticity, models and copies, genuineness and manipulation ... Horst Wackerbarth operates as a ‘friend and helper’ behind his lens. He helps the ‘victims’ of the ‘shooting’ to survive with dignity and simply to look good.
Wibke von Bonin, Redaktion Kunst, Westdeutscher Rundfunk

Horst Wackerbarth’s portraiture is sensitive on a human level, he is a travelling psychoanalyst.
David Streitfeld, Washington Post

Wackerbarth’s work is a keywork of the art of portaiture already.
Freddy Langer, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Horst Wackerbarth’s pictures have a soothing calmness which captures our gaze.
Mikhail Gorbachev